XLarge AcoustiSonic Multi-Density Speaker Decoupling Isolator
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XLarge AcoustiSonic Multi-Density Speaker Decoupling Isolator

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Speaker decoupling is one of the most important steps you can take to guard against vibration polution in your control rooms and studio playback environments. I use a set of these on my JBL LSR32 monitors in my office and they are remarkable. I also have them on my Dynaudio BM15a's in the studio and the difference between these and the foam platforms I was using is like night and day. Give these a listen and let me know what you think.

This is our newest offering in a Professional Speaker Monitor isolation decoupling module. The round base is a special AcoustiSonic silicone material that was selected for it's unique density and resonance damping qualities. It acts as a soft highly stable footprint for your high end monitors. The two additional uniquly designed pieces are placed on top of the round base and dissipate the vibrational energy exerted by the monitor that would normally be transmitted throughout the foundation your speakers are placed on. The two pads on top are comprised of a different AcoustiSonic Silicone material.

Once again, Platinum Cure Silicone is durable to the point of almost everlasting life in that it will not degrade due to temperature, humidity, constant or varying vibration. It is impervioius to most chemicals, most solvents and just plain water. It can be boiled and or soaked in alcohol for cleaning and sterilization if needed for clean room environments.

They are approximately 1.25" in height. We recommend four separate modules per speaker.

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