Tri-Base Stabilization Vibration Isolation Pad
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Tri-Base Stabilization Vibration Isolation Pad

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Unique Style & Function

Triple Spread Base Platinum Silicone

These are excellent stabilization pods that can stand up to varying types of applications. Works well in Medium to Heavy duty situations to firmly stabilize equipment and reduce vibration transmission through flooring including noise cancellation and isolation. These uniquely shaped pads are approximately 4.5" in length, 2.75" inches wide at the base and approximately 1" high. They be made thicker to gain a little more height to allow for more compression of heavier objest. They also have what is referred to a double knut rounded corner rectangular set of pads on the top. 

They are also available in your preference of colors if needed, selectable in the drop list specification boxes. You also have the option to determine the durometer range silicone hardness factor calculated for weight compression of the equipment being placed on it. The 40A durometer is quite firm and can handle quite a load of weight. The 00-50 is the softest material.

These pods can also be fabricated using multiple layers of different durometer selections of silicone to enhance the vibration cancelling effects and to an even higher dregree of stabilization.

Put your thinking cap on and see what other applications you can come up with for these unique pieces and let us know how you used them.

Silicone is one of the most durable compounds around. It will not harden, crack, split or break apart like most common rubber compounds used in our competitors products.


Pieces in photos are multicolored for visual purposes only to demonstrate how multiple layers of silicone can be poured into the mold with varying Shore densities.


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