Square Silicone Mini Foot/Pad Isolator .8" Square x .5" High
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Square Silicone Mini Foot/Pad Isolator .8" Square x .5" High

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These are our mini square pads/pods that lend themselves equaly to almost any type of additional pad or foot to kitchen appliances, fans, humidifiers or dehumidifiers or just about anything that creates audible sound frequencies from vibration. They are approximately .8" square and 1/2" high.

You can choose your personal preference of color and Shore A firmness material softness from the drop list boxes to the right of the photos. #40 is the more firm and #00-50 is very soft and compressible. The #00-50 is not available in clear translucent. It come from the manufacturer in a translucent white color and can be mixed with all our normal color pigments available in the drop list boxes.

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