Square Base Resessed Foot Style Vibration Isolation Pad Shore A
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Square Base Resessed Foot Style Vibration Isolation Pad Shore A

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These 2.5" square base pads are uniquely designed with a recessed round area to accomodate the foot on a washing machine, dryer or any piece of equipment with an attached foot. They equally lend themselves to almost any type of additional pad or foot to kitchen appliances, fans, humidifiers or dehumidifiers or just about anything that creates audible sound frequencies from vibration. They are especially suitable for high vibration devices like Counter Top Blenders and Food Processors in the home or bench top Shop Grinders and floor Grinders mounted on metal stands.

We recommend the more firm density formulations for heavier shop equipment or Automatic Closths Washing Machines and Dryers.

These particular pads are poured from fixed dimentional molds. If you have a specific application for a similar pad and need a different size please contact us with your information and we will be happy to develop just the right foot pad for your application.

You can choose your personal preference of color and Shore Firmness density from the drop list selection boxes. 

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