Smooth-Sil Silicone Vibration Noise Isolator Foot/Pad Xtra Firm
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Smooth-Sil Silicone Vibration Noise Isolator Foot/Pad Xtra Firm

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Commercial Washers / Dryers / Grinders ????

Firm Round Composition Silicone

Anti-Slip Vibration Isolation Pads/Feet 

These are excellent for vibration and noise cancellation and isolation. These round pads are approximately 2" in diameter, 3/4" thick and available in your choice of colors that are selectable in the drop list specification boxes. This medium durometer range silicone is considered our standard range extremely absorptive strata that soaks up vibration like a sponge and cancels noise transmission through floors, counter tops or work benches. It is available in a firm, medium and soft silicone.

Shore firmness specidfications; Xtra Firm (50A). See additional listings for this same style foot in medium and softer silicones for more specific applications. 

The pads are also available in two different style. The SSTDSL, the slotted grip version, and the SSTDBU, with the small round bumps. Slotted version is best suited for hard surfaces like concrete, ceramic tile etc. The bump style is best suited for softer surfaces like hard wood floors, linoleums or indoor outdoor carpet. 

The Firm pads are best suited for high capacity xtra large washing machines or heavy items with a lot of vibration which include bench or floor grinders on metal stands, table top saws and other large vibration inducing machines. 

Put your thinking cap on and see what other applications you can come up with for these unique pieces and let us know how you used them.

Silicone is one of the most durable compounds around. It will not harden, crack, split or break apart like most common rubber compounds used in our competitors products.

This particular pad density is only available in the Blue color shown in the photos. See our other listings for this same style foot/pad in selectable levels of softness densities and associated colors.

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