Single Riser Extra Large Heavy Duty Hybrid Equipment Foot Pad
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Single Riser Extra Large Heavy Duty Hybrid Equipment Foot Pad

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The unique design of this single pedistal vibration damping isolation pad/insulator has been styled for placement of pads on the outside corners of your equipment. Additional uniquely styled pads are also available for placement of more pads within the interior platform area of the equipment base. Overall footprint of the pad base is approximately 5" x 1.5" height.  The single riser pad has 3.5"straight sides at a 90 degree angle that extrude out to a rounded 5"diameter arc connected to the perpendicular sides as shown in the photos.


These pads are poured in three alternate densities of silicone to accommodate frequency specific variations being transmitted by the device to be isolated. These specific densities can be adjusted to fit your individual vibration isolation requirements.


Platinum Cure Silicone is durable to the point of almost everlasting life in that it will not degrade due to temperature, humidity, constant or varying vibration. It is also impervious to chemicals, most solvents and just plain water. It can be boiled and or soaked in alcohol for cleaning and sterilization if needed for Medical Operating or Examination/Emergency room equipment applications.


Pad coloration can be customized to suit application specific identification modalities or aesthetics in your operational environment. We can discuss your individual requirements prior to production.


Please don't hesitate to call or email us with your application criteria so that we may assist you in the proper selection of the required density of material for your weight requirements.


We can also assist you in the development of a customized multi-density vibration damping pad to suit your specialized isolation issues.


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