Pyramid Fidgets
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Pyramid Fidgets

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This is our modified pyramid styule sensory enhancing figit. This is the new buzz-word for a sensory enhanced learning environment.

FDA approved Platinum Cure Silicone is durable to the point of almost everlasting life in that it will not degrade due to temperature, humidity, oils of the skin or disenfecting solutions. It is also impervioius to chemicals, most solvents and just plain water. It can be boiled and or soaked in alcohol for cleaning and sterilization when needed.

Fabricated from our softest silicone they will squish like no other material. You just can't stop squeezing this stuff it is so much fun to play with.

And we now have the awesome Glo-Sil glow in the dark highly brilliant, long lasting pigment enhancers. You can choose your personal preference of color and material density softness from the drop list boxes. 

Pads have a 1" square base and are 1" high.

You can choose your personal preferences from the available drop list boxes. 

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