Half Dome Thin Bar Style Silicone Isolator Foot/Pad Insulator
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Half Dome Thin Bar Style Silicone Isolator Foot/Pad Insulator

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This is a high quality Platinum Cure Silicone vibration dampening pad and will also serve as an electrical isolation insululator if need be. Unsophisticated yet higher functioning, these pads maintain complete isolation between your speaker monitors and whatever they are sitting on.

These pads equally lend themselves to almost any type of additional pad or foot to kitchen appliances, air conditioners, fans, humidifiers or dehumidifiers, just about anything that creates audible sound frequencies from vibration.

Pads are approximately 1/2" high, and 3/4" across the base. They are approximately 4.25" long.´╗┐

Platinum Cure Silicone is durable to the point of almost everlasting life in that it will not degrade due to temperature, humidity, constant or varying vibration. It is also impervioius to chemicals, most solvents and just plain water. It can be boiled and or soaked in alcohol for cleaning and sterilization if needed.

You can choose your personal preference of color, softness density and thickness from the drop list boxes to the right of the photos. Softness density's are measured in Shore A from #00-30 which is the softest´╗┐ to #40 which is the most firm.

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