EVID6L - Hybrid Elastomer Phono Turntable Isolation Pods
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EVID6L - Hybrid Elastomer Phono Turntable Isolation Pods

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This is our larger Hybrid Multi-Density vibration isolation pod specifically designed for larger and heavier audiophile vinyl record turntables and additional componenets such as CD Players, DVD Players, MiniDisc Players, VCR's, Receivers, Power Amps, Tuners and more . These larger pods are equally suited to Medium and Large Speakers for Isolation and Decoupling applications both at home and in the Recording Studio. They virtually elimenate all frequency band vibrations normally induced through the surface or platform the turntable is sitting on. They also dampen the vibrations from speaker enclosures that are normally induced through the support structure of the speakers. This is especially important in professional recording studio applications.

Through a combination of six levels of Hybrid Density Elastomers the pods dissipate an overlapping range of frequencies. Each layer has been specifically formulated to capture a unique range of frequencies and dampen them to virtually non-existant levels.

We are currently developing a complete selection of turntable vibration isolation components to accomodate varying sizes of turntables and speaker enclosures.´╗┐

You will receive a set of four (4) pods. Give them a try. The sonic isolation evidence´╗┐ will astonish you!

The pods in these photos were specifically poured to match the wood plinths they would be supporting. The layers can be custom poured to your specific color requirements. The colors have no interaction with the layer density so you can choose the colors you would like, or we can make the pod one solid color of your choice and still maintain the seperate layer densities. Just let us know what color combinations you would like and in what order you would like them from top to bottom. The wider base area is the bottom of the pot. We can even do Fluorescent colors or mix and match both.

Don't hesitate to contact us with your specific requirements or questions and we are always open to new design ideas.

It takes 7 to 10 days to pour and cure these pads prior to shipping.

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