EVID2DBL - Double Density Record Turntable Vibration Iso Pod
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EVID2DBL - Double Density Record Turntable Vibration Iso Pod

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This is our Double-Density vibration isolation pod specifically designed for the new USB computer interface style entry level vinyl record turntables but can also be used for CD Players, DVD Players, MiniDisc Players, VCR's, Receivers, Power Amps, Tuners and more . These pods pads are equally suited to Speaker Isolation applications both at home and in the Recording Studio. These Double Density silicone pads pods help elimenate low frequency band vibrations normally induced through the surface or platform the turntable or component is sitting on.

Through a combination of two levels of Hybrid Density Elastomers the pods dissipate an overlapping range of frequencies. The two layers have been specifically formulated to capture a broad spectrum of frequencies and dampen them 70% of their original amplitude. These pods will accommodate small lightweight to medium turntables.

Give them a try. The sonic evidence´╗┐ will speak for itself!

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