EVID TT Hub - Silicone Turntable Weight Stabilizer Hub - Clear

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  • Item #: EVIDTTHUB33-CLR12
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This is the same new Evid TT Hub-33 poured in clear Translucent silicone. All the same properties apply as the alternate Hub available in colors.

These hubs are 3.25" diameter and 1 5/8" high. They weigh a little over 8 ounces, the proper weight to adequately couple the record to the turntable mat while at the same time maintaining a low weight footprint for the platter bearing and absorbing and damping all the frequencies induced through the platter. 

If you have a special hub style design you would like to create and test please contact us with your specific design parameters and we will see what we can do to assist you with your prototyping needs.

Our TT Hubs provide a new level of performance for the the Audiophile and Enthusiast alike.



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