EVID TT Hub - Silicone Turntable Stabilizer Hub
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EVID TT Hub - Silicone Turntable Stabilizer Hub

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The new Evid TT Hub-33 is the latest adition to our vibration isolation and damping product line for not only the Audiophile but remarkably improves the overall reproduction of Vinyl Recordings on all types of turntables. Works especially well on DJ Turntables in damping the low end frequencies most previlent in clubs. These were specifically designed to absorb and eleminate a broad frequency range of vibrations induced through the base of the turntable platform and atmospherically.

We use extremely high quality Platinum Cured Silicone for all of our silicone products. The PC silicones are wonderful at absorbing vibrations and will not break down like rubbers, urethanes and similar materials. PC Silicones last for years and years. I have some pieces I manufactured using HQ PC Silicone that are over 40 years old and they look like they did the day I pulled them out of the molds.

These hubs are 3.0" diameter and 1 1/4" high. They weigh a little over 6 ounces, the proper weight to adequately couple the record to the turntable mat while at the same time maintaining a low weight footprint for the platter bearing and absorbing and damping all the frequencies induced through the platter.

This is our single compound TT Hub but we are also working on a multi-compound hybrid TT Hub for future release.

The TT Hub-33 will work on all vinyl turntables with a 0.282" center pin or smaller. We are also working on a specially designed 45 RPM large center hole TT Hub for those pesky 45 rpm records we still love to listen to. It will have the standard center pin hole all the way through the hub but also a thin protrusion out the bottom to fit into the large hole of the 45 rpm 7" records to effect the same stabilization and isolation properties of TT Hub-33.

Our TT Hubs provide a new level of performance for the the Audiophile and Enthusiast alike.



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