Circular Ring Style Vibration Isolation Grommet
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Circular Ring Style Vibration Isolation Grommet

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This is our new Circular Isolation Ring/Grommet design. They have a 0.5" hole through the center for mounting purposes.

These is a unique new design concept for our product line and we hope you can find tons of uses for them.

You can choose your personal preference of color and Shore A hardness silicone density from the drop list selection boxes.

All of our products are fabricated using Ultra-High quality addition cure Pure Platinum Silicone for maximum durability and longevity in your application. 

We are embarking on a new market segment with these types of products. We have found they lend themselves quite well for use in the elementary resourse classroom environment for children who have attention deficite issues. The children can roll them around in their hands while listening to the teachers and it allows them to actually pay attention and retain the material for later recall. If they don't have something in their hands to keep their hands busy they are too distracted by that frustration and can't pay attention to instruction. We have tested these pieces in the classroom invironment and found them to be very effective. We have also tested several of our other shapes and designs and found them to function equally well in this environment. The softer rings work best as the students like the maliability resistance response. They can even turn the rings inside out which affords another dimension to the tactile experience.

Try some and let us know what you think.

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