6 Round Interconnect Non-Skid and Isolation Pad
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6 Round Interconnect Non-Skid and Isolation Pad

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This is a thin non-slip style multi-pad that's very useful in the car for setting things on the dash or in the Motor Home to keep things from slipping and sliding off the tables or other surfaces while the vehicle is in motion. Also great at keeping I-Pads, Laptops and Tablets from sliding around. A great surface sticking point for extra large cell phones in one place and not sliding all over. This is our same high quality Platinum Cure Silicone that will stand up to extreme cold and hot environments without breaking down and getting gooey with age. Worth their weight in gold!

These are available in selectable colors.

The thickness of this pad is approximately 1/4" with the softer material being more appropriate for lightweight objects. These are quite soft and a little sticky. If it gets dirty just clean with running water and the debri will slide right off. Warm soapy water works best to return the surface to its original semi-sticky state.

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